Binary Codes MCQ SET-1

Binary Codes MCQ SET-1 Question with Answer

1. The code used in digital systems to represent decimal digits, letter, and other special characters such as +,-,.,*, etc. is

Answer : (D) ASCII

2. The codes in which each successive corde word differs from the preceding one in only one bit position are called

Answer : (D) Cyclic codes

3. Unit distance code is the other name of

Answer : (C) Cyclic code

4. For mathematical operations, the code must be a

Answer : (A) Sequential code

5. (11011)2 in BCD 8421 code is

Answer : (B) 00100111

Binary Codes MCQ

6. (1D)16 in BCD 8421 code is

Answer : (B) 00101001

7. (44)8 in BCD 8421 code is

Answer : (C) 00110110

8. For a code to be self-complementing, the sum of all its weights must be

Answer : (B) 9

9. The following code is not a BCD code.

Answer : (A) Gray code

10. The parity of the binary number 11011001 is

Answer : (C) odd

Binary Codes MCQ

11. 2-out-of-5 code is

Answer : (C) Non-weighted code

12. 8421 code is

Answer : (B) Weighted code

13. 2421 code is

Answer : (A) Weighted self-complementing code

14. The minimum distance of ASCII code is

Answer : (A) 1

15. A code with a minimum distance of 3 can

Answer : (A) Detect double error and correct single error

Binary Codes MCQ

16. The minimum distance required for a code to detect and correct single bit error is

Answer : (C) 3

17. The minimum distance of a straight binary 4-bit code is

Answer : (B) 1

18. The Minimum distance of a straight binary 5-bit code is

Answer : (B) 1

19. The distance between the two binary words 01101101 and 00110100 is

Answer : (C) 4

20. For a code to be a single-bit error correcting code, the minimum distance of that code must be

Answer : (C) 3

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