Binary Codes MCQ SET-2

Binary Codes MCQ SET-2 Question with Answer

1. For 2-bit error detection, the minimum distance of that code must be

Answer : (B) 3

2. The 7-bit Hamming code is used to transmit

Answer : (B) 4 data bits

3. ASCII and EBCDIC codes are

Answer : (C) Alphanumeric codes

4. ASCII code is a

Answer : (B) 7-bit code

5. EBCDIC code is a

Answer : (C) 8-bit code

Binary Codes MCQ

6. A 15 bit Hamming code requires

Answer : (A) 4 parity bits

7. How many bits are needed to encode all the letters(26), 10 symbols and all numerals (10)?

Answer : (D) 7

8. Which of the following codes is known as the 8421 code?

Answer : (D) BCD code


Answer : (D) Has 128 Characters including control characters

10. The XS-3 code is a

Answer : (C) Self-complementing code

Binary Codes MCQ

11. In which code do the successive code characters differ in only one position?

Answer : (A) Gray Code

12. In which of the following codes do the sucessive characters differ in only 1-bit position?

Answer : (C) Cyclic code

13. Which of the following is a self-complementing code?

Answer : (A) XS-3 code

14. The word length of the Hamming code to represent decimal digits is

Answer : (D) 7

15. The number of parity in a 12-bit Hamming code is

Answer : (A) 4

Binary Codes MCQ

16. An example of weighted code is

Answer : (D) 8421

17. Gray code of (110101)2 is

Answer : (A) 101111

18. Hexadecimal equivalent of the binary no. 10111010001111 is

Answer : (A) 2E8F

19. Two 4-bit 2’s complement of binary numbers 1011 and 0110 are added. Then the result will be

Answer : (D) 0001

20. 1’s complement of 11001010 is given by:

Answer : (C) 00110101

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