Computer Organization MCQ SET-5

Computer Organization AND Architecture MCQ With Answers

1. Booth’s algorithm for computer arithmetic is used for

Answer :(B) multiplication of number in 2’s complement form

2. Micro instruction are kept in

Answer :(C) control store

3. What is 2’s complement representation of -24 in a 16-bit microcomputer?

Answer :(B) 1111 1111 1110 1000

4. Cache memory is used to increase the speed of

Answer :(A) cpu

5. In a microprocessor the address of the next instruction to be executed is stored in

Answer :(B) program counter

Computer Organization MCQ

6. A system has 48-bit virtual address, 36-bit physical address and 128 MB main memory; how many virtual and physical pages can the address spaces support?

Answer :(A) 236,224

7. The basic principle of the von Neumann computer is

Answer :(C) stoing both progranm and data in same memory

8. Physical memory broken down into groups of equal size is called

Answer :(A) block

9. The performance of a pipelined processor suffers if

Answer :(D) all of these

10. “Delayed Branching” is realated to

Answer : (B) pipeline remedy

Computer Organization MCQ

11. The mode field determines

Answer :(B) the type of addressing

12. By left-shifting the content of a register once, its content is

Answer :(A) doubled

13. Maximum number of directly addressable locations in the memory of a processor having 10-bits wide control bus, 20-bits address bus, and 8-bit data bus is

Answer :(c) 1M

14. The last statement of any Symbolic Microprogram must cantain

Answer :(B) FETCH

15. Virtual memory system allows the employment of

Answer :(A) more than address space

Computer Organization MCQ

16. In fourth generation computers, the main technology used is

Answer :(D) LSI & VLSI

17. The numbsrs in the range -23 to +31 are represented by the minimum number of bits

Answer :(c) 6

18. Bidirectional buses use

Answer :(C) two back to back connected tri-state buffers in parallel

19. The first computer used to store a program is

Answer :(c) ENIAC

20. A machine using base register addressing method has n base registers and displacement contains k bits; programmer can access any

Answer :(B) n regions of 2k addresses each

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