Computer Organization MCQ SET-6

Computer Organization AND Architecture MCQ With Answers

1. Thrashing

Answer :(C) implies excessive page I/O

2. When signed numbers are used in binary arithmetic, then which one of the following notations would have unique representation for zero?

Answer :(C) Sign 2’s complement

3. If the memory chip size is 256*1 bits, then the number of chips required to make up 1 kbytes of memory is

Answer :(B) 32

4. How many address bits are required for a 512*4 memory?

Answer :(C) 9

5. What is 2’s complement representation of -20 in a 16-bit microcomputer?

Answer :(D) none of these.

Computer Organization MCQ

6. The technique of placing software in ROM semiconductor chip is called

Answer :(C) FIRMWARE

7. Which one is the advantages of virtual memory?

Answer :(C) Program larger than physical memory size can be run

8. A page fault

Answer :(B) is an access to page not currently in memory

9. With 2’s complement representation, the range of values that can be represented on the data bus of an 8-bit microprocessor is given by

Answer :(A) -128 to +127

10. The logic circuitry in ALU is

Answer :(A) entirely combinational

Computer Organization MCQ

11. A digital computer has a common bus system for 16 registers of 32-bits each. How many MUX are needed and what will be the size of each MUX?

Answer :(A) 32,16

12. How many address bits are required for a 1024*8 memory ?

Answer :(B) 10

13. The basic principle of a Harvard computer is

Answer :(A) storing program and data in separate memory

14. A digital computer ha a memory unit of 32k * 12 and cache memory of 512 * 12 words. The cache uses direct mapping. How many bits are there in tag, index field?

Answer :(D) 6,9

15. A ‘hit’ occurs

Answer :(B) when a word is found in cache memory

Computer Organization MCQ

16. Normalized representation of 0.00101*22is

Answer :(C) 1.01*2-1

17. Number of transistors in CMOS static RAM cell is

Answer :(C) 6

18. Maximum n bit 2’s complement number is

Answer :(C) 2n-1 -1

19. State True or False: Adding 0110 11012 to 1010 00102 in 8-bit 2’s complement binary will cause an overflow

Answer :(A) True

20. From a source code, a compiler can detect

Answer :(C)Syntax error

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