Computer Organization MCQ SET-8

Computer Organization and Architecture MCQ with Answers

1. The vonneuman bottle is a problem, which occurs due to

Answer :(C) speed disparity between CPU and main memory

2. The circuit used to store one bit of data is known as

Answer :(D) Flip-Flop

3. SIMD represents an organization that

Answer :(B) includes many processing units under the supervision of a common control unit

4. The ALU makes use of …….to store the intermediate results.

Answer :(A) Accumulators

5. A Source program is usually in

Answer :(B) High-level language

Computer Organization MCQ

6. if you convert (+46.5) into a 24 bit floating point binary number following IEEE convention what would be the exponent?

Answer :(D) none of these

7. The maximum number of additions and subtractions are required for which of the following multiplier numbers in Booth’s algorithm

Answer :(D) 0101 0101

8. Floating point representation is used to store

9. A given memory chip has 12 address pins and 4 data pins it has the ……. number of locations.

Answer :(B) 212

10. (2FA0C)16

Answer :(B) (00101111101000001100)2

Computer Organization MCQ

11. In a normal n-bit adder to find out if an overflow has occurred we make use of

Answer : (D) XOR gate

12. Which of the following address modes is used in the instruction ‘POP B’

Answer :(D) register indirect

13. A computer uses words of size 32-bit.the instruction

Answer :(D) must always be fetched in two cycles with one byte in each cycle

14. The CPI value for RISC processor is

Answer :(a) 1

15. A stack-organised computer uses instruction of

Answer :(C) zero addressing

Computer Organization MCQ

16.When performing a looping operation the instruction gets stored in the

Answer : (C) Cache

17. In case of zero address instruction method the operands are stored in

Answer :(C) Stack

18. The addressing modes which uses the PC instead of a general purpose register is

Answer :(A) Relative

19. How many memory locations can be addressed by a 32-bit computer?

Answer :(A) 64 KB

20. The addressing mode of an Instruction is resolved by

Answer :(C) DMA controller

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