Number System MCQ SET-1

Number System MCQ SET-1 Question With Answer

1. Knowledge of binary number system is required for the designers of computers and other digital systems because

Answer : D (The devices used in these systems operate in binary)

2. A binary number with n bits all of which are 1s has the value

Answer : D (2n-1)

3. If √41 = 5, the base (radix)of the number system is

Answer : B (6)

4. The number of bits required to assign binary roll numbers to a class of 60 students is

Answer : B (6)

5. The radix of the number system if 302/20 = 12.1 is

Answer : B (4)

Number System MCQ

6. The value of base r if (121)r = (144)8 is

Answer : C (9)

7. The value of base r if (159)10 = (186)r is

Answer : B (9)

8. When two n bit binary numbers are added, the sum will contain at the most

Answer : B (n + 1 bits)

9. when two n bits binary numbers are multiplied, the product will contain at the most

Answer : B (2n bits)

10. A group of 8 bits is known as

Answer : B (A byte)

Number System MCQ

11. In a digital system performance accuracy depends on

Answer : (C) Word length

12. The most important advantage of a digital system over an analog system is

Answer : (D) Noise immunity

13. How many binary numbers are created with 8-bits?

Answer : (A) 256

14. The highest decimal number that can be represented with 10 binary digits is

Answer : (B) 1023

15. Let (A2C)16 = (X)8, Then X is given by

Answer : (D) 5054

Number System MCQ

16. The number of 1s are present in the binary representation of 3*512+7*64+5*8+3 is

Answer : (C) 9

17. If (212)x = (23)10 where x is base (+ve integer), then the value of x is

Answer : (B) 3

18. The decimal equivalent of (1111100100)2 is

Answer : (C) 996

19. The decimal number equivalent of (A0F9.0EB)16 is

Answer : (C) 41209.0572

20. Hexadecimal equivalent of the binary no. 10111010001111 is

Answer : (A) 2E8F

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