Very Important Preposition for BCECE LE

A preposition is a word used before a noun or pronoun to show its relation with the other words of the sentence.

1. He was astonished ______ the sad news.

Answer: A

2. She is tall ______ her age.

Answer: B

3. Kindly apprise me ______ the latest developments.

Answer : B

4. He is looking ______ his lost book.

Answer : D

5. Exercise is beneficial ______ health.

Answer : C

6. He is jealous ______ me.

Answer : C

7. She has a passion ______ dance and music.

Answer : D

8. He came ______ me in the market.

Answer : C

9. Good sleep is necessary ______ good health.

Answer : B

10. I continued to smile ______ his threats.

Answer : A

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