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Multimedia MCQ-3

Multimedia MCQ Questions and Answers 1. MMS stands for _______ (A) Multimedia System (B) Multimedia Messaging Services (C) Multimedia Messaging System (D) Multimedia Services Show Answer Answer : B 2. GIF stands for _______ (A) Graphic Information File (B) Graphic Interchange Format (C) Graphic Information Format (D) Graphic Interchange File Show Answer Answer : B …

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Multimedia MCQ-1

Multimedia MCQ Questions and Answers 1. The combination of text, graphics art, sound, animation and video delivered by computer or other electronic devices is called : (A) Multimedia (B) Hyper media (C) Visual media (D) None Show Answer Answer : A 2. The people when weave multimedia into meaningful tapestries are called : (A) Programmers …

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