What is Utility Software?

Utility software is used to analyses, configure, optimize, and maintain the compute system. Utility programs may be requested by application programs during their execution for multiple purposes.

Some Utilities Software are follows:

Disk Defragmenters:

Disk defragmenters are used to detect computer files whose contents are broken across several locations on the hard disk, and move the fragments to one location in order to increase efficiency.

Anti-virus Utilities:

Anti-virus utilities are used to scan for computer viruses.

Disk checkers:

The Disk checkers utility software are used to scan the contents of a hard disk to find files or areas that are either corrupted in some way, or not correctly saved, and eliminate them in order to make the hard drive operate more efficiently.

Disk cleaners:

The Disk cleaners utility software are used to locate files that are either not need for computer operation, or take up considerable amounts of space. It helps the user to decide what to delete when their hard disk is full.

Disk space analysers:

Space analyser utilities are used for visualizing the disk space usage by getting the size for each folder(including sub folders) and files in a folder or drive.

Disk partitions:

The Disk partitions are used to divide an individual drive into multiple logical drives, each with its own file system. Each partition is then treated as an individual drive.

Backup Utilities:

Backup utilities are used to make a copy of all information stored on a disk. When disk is failure then backup utilities are used to restore the entire disk. Even if a file is deleted accidentally, the backup utility is use to restore the deleted file.

Disk Compression:

The Disk compression are used to enhance the capacity of the disk by compressing/decompressing the contents of a disk.

File Managers:

File managers can be used to provide a convenient method of performing routine data management tasks such as deleting, renaming, cataloguing, moving , copying, merging , generating, and modifying data sets.

System profilers:

System profilers can be used to provide detailed information about the software installed and hardware attached to the computer.

Data Compression utilities:

Data compression utilities are used to output a file with reduced file size.

Cryptographic utilities:

Cryptographic utilities are used to encrypt and decrypt files.

Launcher applications:

Launcher applications are used as a convenient access point for application software.

Registry cleaners:

Registry cleaners are used to clean and optimize the Windows registry by deleting the old registry keys that are no longer in use.

Network Utilities:

Network utilities are used to analyze the computer’s network connectivity, configure network setting, check data transfer, or log events.

CLI & GUI Utilities:

Command line Interface(CLI) and Graphical user interface(GUI) are used to make changes to the operating system.

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